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Building Withlocals

I co-founded Withlocals as a fullstack developer, and CTO. Withlocals had several investements, latest being a Series B investment.

I built both frontend and backend, as the sole technical co-founder, with the help of freelancers and interns. Over the years as a CTO I helped built up a great software team and a very stable stack.

Ronald is a amazingly smart, creative and talented engineer. Combined with his enthousiasm and ever curious character this makes him a joy to work with. He is able to understand complex problems, break them down into smaller issues and create solutions to tackle them. The speed at which Ronald can do this and also can get to the root cause of potential issues is amazing.

Ronald is able to work with any part of a software stack, backend, frontend or devops. Because of these combined skills he is able to create about complete solutions.

Apart from all of that it is just a lot of fun to work with Ronald. His humor and postive attitude is a joy to work around.

2022, Reinoud van Santen, Withlocals

As the company grew from start-up to a scale-up, I switched to Chief Software Architect to focus more on building our product and work on our tech stack. Which is based on Scala and Typescript, runs on Kubernetes in GCP.

I worked on everything here; Frontend, Backend, Data-engineering, apps, devops, CI/CD, management and strategy.

Ronald brings lots of dedication into what he does. May it be software development, leadership, martial arts, parenthood or working on his house. This love and care for what Ronald does is contagious, and definitely a big reason why I’d work with him on any tech product or project again! Moreover, Ronald has the ability to bring any idea or vision into reality. He always knew which questions to ask to challenge ideas in a constructive way, in order to build something of value to users and the business. Needless to say his knowledge on software development is super rich. It’s so vast he knows how to explain any complex construct easily to a 5-year old, and I was lucky to experience Ronald’s patient and enthusiastic explanations many times myself. But I’d say what’s most important, is that Ronald makes sure that work is fun. He’s a very social and positive guy, and though he’s seriously into what he does, he keeps the mood relaxed- even in times of crisis. I’ve seen many developers and other colleagues enjoying working together with Ronald due to his open-minded, outgoing personality, as I have myself too!

2022, Ikram Vesters-Rhioui, Withlocals

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