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ASML 2008-2011. This was my first project after graduation.

As a junior I helped build the Cerberus project from the start (2 people including myself) to a team of 6, the project was celebrated and positively discussed at board level.

In the 2,5 years I have worked with Ronald he never stopped to amaze me with the speed and dedication he worked on 'our' tool Cerberus. Not only did he do great job on extending Cerberus with new functionality but he also mastered the necessary knowledge on the underlying information and processes that created the data Cerberus reports on. And last but not least, he had knew how to handle 'customers' with all their questions, problems and complaints.

2012 Martin Haket, ASML

Cerberus is an internal information system at ASML that combined data scraped from SAP and Team-Center-Engineering. SAP contains business and logistical information on the production proceses, and TCE contains the engineering view on the production process. The Cerberus information system combined those two views. The project was run like a startup, where we had to continuously find users, and adapt or expand our information system to satisfy users.

My job was to gather requirements, iterate over a new features and make sure it was running smoothly. I worked on the UI, the backend, and the database synchronization pipelines to scrape the data and combine it all.

Ronald is the most enthusiastic, up-beat, energetic and inspiring colleague I have ever worked with. He will ceaselessly bring up new ideas and think of opportunities to improve the world around him. Furthermore, he is a great engineer and loves learning new things. An ideal colleague!

Rico Huijbers, Sioux (at the time)

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