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Moving my blog to IPFS

ipfs, how-hard-could-it-be1 min read

I am moving my blog to IPFS... now over the years I really neglected my blog, for a while I wrote stuff under the title "How hard could it be? I bet I can do that myself", sadly Posterous (where it was hosted) quit and I neglected to download my content... so its gone.

But I'm starting over today, and I'm going to host it on IPFS. From what I understand, IPFS, or Inter Planetaire File System. I cannot say i fully understand it yet, i get the general concept, but I am assuming to learn more while deploying the system.

Rough explainer; all content in IPFS are identified by a hash, so the same image should have the same HASH. Now from here on I've more or less stopped really understanding. This is what i think happens, content is processed using an IPLD into Merkle-DAG's which help group together content that links each other.. But correct me if i'm wrong.

Anyway, here is the first in another "how hard can it be" series.

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